Online talk with Indian Community including Representatives from #Indian Associations in #Japan.

Nihonkairali members were invited for the video conference with Embassy of India on 28th April for addressing and communicating the issues of COVID to Indian community in Japan. 

We would like to share the key points:

1. Return to India : About the possibilities of flights/ dates at the moment, no concrete information. Now embassy is at the stage of collecting information. There are 340 stranded Indians registered at embassy and they are also prioritizing in which completion of job contract is the top priority. Embassy also recommended to approach them through specific community arrangements.

From Nihon Kairali : If any genuine people from our Malayalee community wants to return please register both at embassy and Norka. Also we would like to support the channeling with Embassy if any progress is happening and please let us know if you are yet to get in touch with us and also facing any difficulties

2. In case if Indians are infected in Japan : Basic policy is always to align with the protocols of Japanese Medical system and in case if you face lack of proper response or anything unfair Embassy will be able to provide support and coordinate for information with hospitals in japan in the unfortunate event of any community member gets infected.

From Nihon Kairali : Please contact our Corona Volunteer Team if you need any support. Our team can also support to liaise with Embassy

3. Health Advice to All : Dr. Ruby Pawankar has made an informative presentation regarding basics of Corona, its treatment, preventive measures and detailed insights. Some salient points were made on understanding the symptoms, transmission of disease, preventive measures, care for pregnant lady, boosting the immune system and myth blusters

From Nihon Kairali : We will try to obtain and share the presentation.

4. Additional points concerning us and also which were raised during NK Members Zoom session on 25th April

Norka requirement of COVID negative certificate while returning to Kerala: Embassy is waiting for the protocol from Government of India and requested us to wait till that

Additional Care for Children if in unfortunate event of both parents infected: Embassy requested to seek community support

NK Overall Operating Team/NK Corona Volunteer Team

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