COVID-19 tracker website by college students from Tokyo --- Great work from the young boys below 
They are 3 college students who prepared the COVID-19 tracker website for the people in Japan
****Pls find below the posting from them
I hope everyone is keeping well in these uncertain times.
For those of you living around Tokyo, a few friends and I have made, a COVID-19 tracker specifically for Tokyo. It displays overall data, a map of the outbreak, cases by ward, age/gender data, and more.
We feel that it’s a great addition to the website made by the Tokyo government, as it focuses more on trends and visualizations from the data. Looking at our website, you can see where the outbreak is headed. We have also made an English version because information can be difficult to find for foreigners.
On a side note - we're just a group of three college students, so it would be wonderful if anyone is interested in supporting/promoting our (purely non-profit) project!
Check it out and keep yourselves safe:
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