Corona pandemic: Various aids made available from the govt

For individuals

1. 100,000 yen to be given to all residents of Japan as on 27th April 2020. Your city offices will send you the form soon. You may also apply online if you have a MyNumber.

2. The shakai fukushi kyougikai in city offices can offer you a interest free loan of 200,000 yen

3. If you are a student, you can use koutou kyouiku shien seido for taking loan. Call 0570-666-601.

4. If you have finance problem at home, you can use rinji tokubetsu kyufukin system thats offes 10K yen per kid. There is also a kinkyu koguchi shikin or a sougou shien shikin vailable at some city offices. Call your city office.

5. If you are unable to pay the taxes, call the respective tax offices and discuss.

6. If you are unable to repay home loans, call your bank and defer the repayment.

7. If you are living in govt complexes, you may discuss with the building mgmt for deffering of rent payment.

8. If you are unable to pay rent, you may use the Jutaku kakuho kyufukin. Call your city office.

For corporate

1. Tokyo govt is offering 500K yens for 1 physical unit of your company and max of 1 mn yen for 2 units onwards. Forms already released online. Search by Jishuku Kyouryokukin. Other prefectures please call your own city offices.

2. METI is offering tokuzokuka kyufukin for businesses with reduced sales. Call 0570-783-183

3. If you are asking your employees to take leave or your employees have kids or you are a freelancer with kids, you may use koyou joseikin or shougakkou kyugyoutou taioukin. Call labour ministry at 0120-603-9999.

4. Nihon seisaku Kinyu Kouko is offering a interest free loan max up to 10 mn yen. Call 0120-154-505.

5. Local city govts are offering loans based on your needs with an interest of 0.5%. Ask for Seifuti netto hosho.

6. If you are unable to pay corporate taxes or insurance etc, contact respective office to discuss the deferral.

This info is collated from various sources. Please check the details and take action on your own. I might have bandwidth issues in helping. The schemes might change in future as govts deliberate on various mechanisms to support the lives of people.

Thank you so much  Yogi san - City Councilor, Edogawa City, Tokyo for sharing this data 


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