COVID19 Suspected Case - Eight Precautions to take at Home

Precautions instructed by Japanese Government if some one in your home is having symptoms.

If a member of your family is suspected of the novel Coronavirus infection, we ask that you follow these points.

  1. Segregate rooms
  2. Limit persons responsible for caring for infected patients as much as possible
  3. Wear a facial mask
  4. Wash your hands often
  5. Ventilate the room
  6. Disinfect shared surface that touched by hand
  7. Wash dirty line and clothes
  8. Dispose of garbage in a sealed bag
  • The infected person should avoid going out.
  • Family members and those living together should monitor your own health by measuring fever, etc. and avoid unnecessary and urgent outgoing. Do not go to office, etc. especially if you have symptoms such as coughing or fever.

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