Emergency visas,consular service related matter - Embassy of India Tokyo 24x7 Helpline

Due to #COVID19, any query related to travel advisories, emergency visas,consular service related matter, plz contact Embassy of India Tokyo 24x7 Helpline +81 80 3301 5242 [not fr routine passport,visa,consular queries] or send email to sscons.tokyo@mea.gov.in / fscons.tokyo@mea.gov.in
#COVID19 関連の渡航情報また、緊急ビザや緊急領事サービスについての問い合わせは、在日インド大使館ヘルプライン(24時間対応) またはメールでお寄せください。電話 +81 80 3301 5242; メール sscons.tokyo@mea.gov.in/fscons.tokyo@mea.gov.in
Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
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