Can’t go to work? Schools closed? Worried about money? It is normal to feel stressed and overwhelmed. 

School shutdown is also a chance to make better relationships with our children and teenagers. One-on-One time is free and fun. It makes children feel loved and secure, and shows them that they are important.

Set aside time to spend with each child

It can be for just 20 minutes, or longer – it’s up to us. It can be at the same time each day  so children or teenagers can look forward to it.

Ask your child what they would like to do

Choosing builds their self confidence. If they want to do something that isn’t OK with physical distancing, then this is a chance to talk with them about this.

Ideas with your baby/toddler
  • Copy their facial expression and sounds.
  • Sing songs, make music with pots and spoons.
  • Stack cups or blocks.
  • Tell a story, read a book or share pictures. 
Ideas with your young child
  • Read a book or look at pictures.
  • Go for a walk – outdoors or around the home.
  • Dance to music or sing songs!
  • Do a chore together – make cleaning and cooking a game!
  • Help with school work. 
Ideas with your teenager
  • Talk about something they like: sports, music, celebrities, friends.
  • Go for a walk – outdoors or around the home.
  • Exercise together to their favorite music.

Switch off the TV and phone. Listen to them, look at them. Give them your full attention. Have fun!


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