Nihonkairali Covid 19 support - Minutes of the Meeting - 01

Date Time Participants
2020/04/25 16:00 - 17:30 Approx. 45

This meeting was organized by Nihonkairali Covid 19 support volunteers among Nihonkairali members. Recently, there are a lot of concerns developing especially after the increasing trend in Tokyo and surroundings. Though many of you may know most of the process and procedure, there are still people in need of tips and let us all prepare well for some anticipated scenario. 

Nihonkairali COVID 19 volunteer team held an open discussion session on April 25th Saturday 4 PM through a Zoom meeting. A casual friendly discussion was held to reduce our uncertainties by enlightening each other by this session with experiences and known information.

Discussion agenda

  1. COVID procedures in Japan - Prevention, symptoms, testing and hospitalization
  2. Building a support system around us
    1. Small groups, close communication, plans for situations
    2. Area groups and identify the people around you
    3. Other approachable NPOs for various supports
  3. Lifeline necessities
  4. Food purchase, protection materials
  5. Various government supports and know the role of each government including embassy
  6. QA and other related discussions

Nihonkairali COVID 19 support volunteers and contact details

COVID 19 volunteer site NK site NK FB
click here click here click here

General support

No Name Mobile/what’s app
1 Ajay Peethambaran +81-80-3414-1007
2 Babu Aboobacker +91-95-6761-4043
3 Babu TS +81-80-3170-6169
4 Prashob Nair +81-80-5644-7129
5 Sankar Sasidharan +91-86-0632-4054
6 Shyam Madathil +81-80-7329-3700
7 Sreekumar BA +81-90-8332-2241
8 Sreenath +81-80-9270-9279
9 Tiby Kuruvila +81-80-6505-2255

Japanese language support

No Name Mobile/what’s app
1 Babu TS +81-80-3170-6169
2 Prasanth Pooyath +81-80-3626-1559
3 Shailesh Nair +81-90-6000-8634
4 Shyam Madathil +81-80-7329-3700
5 Ajay Peethambaran +81-80-3414-1007
6 Prashob Nair +81-80-5644-7129
7 Ajay Ashok Kumar +81-70-4427-1984
7 Sajan NK +81 70-2621-5200

How to contact Nihonkairali volunteers?

  1. Corona related updates shared through
  2. Website contact form
  3. Contact us through email at
  4. Nihonkairali what’s app group (available only to members)
  5. In case of emergency, please contact any of the volunteers listed above
  6. Contact us through NK Messenger click here

Mission of Corona Volunteer group

  1. Helpdesk for Keralite community in Japan
  2. Get information from reliable sources and notify everyone
  3. Answer questions received from the community
  4. Provide Japanese language support for people in need
  5. Share information received from Indian embassy

The panel for the ZOOM call

Panel - Babu TS, Sankar Sasidharan and Ajay Peethambaran

Moderators - Babu Aboobacker, Prashob Nair, Tiby Kuruvila, Sreekumar BA

Sreekumar opened the discussion and briefed about today’s agenda and what this group is trying to offer/support the community.

Topic 1: COVID procedures in Japan - Prevention, symptoms, testing and hospitalization

Explained that different strategies are followed by different countries.

Mentioned that Japans aim is to 

  1. How to reduce fatality
  2. How to avoid overcrowding of medical facility

Procedure followed in Japan as of now 

  1. No immediate testing offered
  2. Recommendation is to wait and check and monitor temperature. If it continues to be above 37.5C for over 4 days, only then will the person be screened further

In other words, if you have fever, wait and record your temperature. Not recommended to go to hospital. This is because hospitals have allocated a very narrow window of 30 minutes for non-serious cases like fever. You can have OTC (over the counter) medicine and see whether fever subsidies.

Please refer our article if you feel concerned about COVID 19

Q.Should we recommend taking OTC Medicine?
  • If no change in fever after 4 days, then contact ward office and they will refer to hospital dedicated for coronavirus. You will be examined and then if required, recommended for test.
  • The swab will be taken and the test results informed to the person via the hospital that the person initially went to.
  • If positive, and symptoms are mild then either recommendation is for home isolation
  • or depending on the case you might be sent to hotel dedicated for COVID care.
  • However, if the person feels that they need to be hospitalized due to severe problems, then the best course of action is to call 119 for an ambulance. The ambulance will take you to hospital (legally obliged)
Q.How many days for obtaining results of the test?
The test results will take 2-3 days. It could vary depending on the local conditions
Q.What kind of transportations to use if you suspect but yet to confirm positive?
  • Avoid public transportation. Use private transport or Ambulance service. When using private transport like taxi please make note of the Taxi details for any reference.
  • You can make use of private paid ambulance service. Click here
Q.How long to show severe symptoms after getting infected?
It usually takes 8 days to develop sever symptoms like pneumonia.
Q.How to handle situations when both husband and wife are positive? who will take care of kids?
Each ward has child care department. They will take the initiative. Hospital will also help with the coordination. There are primarily two ways:
  1. Kids will be kept in specially designated place within the hospital.
  2. NPO can chip in to take care of kids
Q.How to isolate if one of the family members shows symptoms?
  • Home isolation is most recommended until confirmation. However, you can use hotel/Airbnb if you fear that you might pass it on. But hotels might ask you reason for staying if stay exceeds more than a week. No support system for these yet. Just do it by yourself.
  • Once a positive case is confirmed: designated places for isolation as mentioned previously taken care by the govt. agencies.
  • If just self-doubt: we need to take care on our own
Q.Is treatment insured?
Yes. it is insured. Usually it is 70% covered.
Q.If one member of family is infected, will family be tested?
Yes. the whole family will be tested. They will also do tracing to some extent.
However for 70 - 80% of the cases in the past, it was difficult to trace. Hence not much effort is being spent on tracing.
Q.Any discrimination faced by foreigners?
Nothing officially recorded. They might refer to English speaking places.
A foreigner going to Japanese only place, might make it difficult to both parties.
Q.Any provision to do video call with local doctors?
Phone based consultations have been started in some places in Japan. They will send prescription to home. Depends on the clinic. Govt is preparing list of hospitals which can do tele medicine. This will be published soon. Contact himawari if help is required with medical consultation. They will help and direct you to mitigate your problem Refer here
Q.Any private English-speaking clinics in Japan in case you like to consult for COVID or other diseases?
  • There are some but not legally registered possibly. Other option is to try for Kerala based doctors. Coronacare, QuikDr are some options that can be tried. They claim that they can send medicine to here as well. Not sure if its practical/validated.
  • DHL provide medicine delivery from India to other countries. You can contact DHL at +919633131397 to know more details about this
  • Caps clinic started online medical support click here for more information
Topic 2: Building a support system around us - Addressing needs of geographically spread Keralites.
  • Kerala Community is spread across various prefectures
  • Tokyo/Yokohama/Kawasaki area has more than 600 members
  • Kyushu/Fukuoka area has around 15 members
  • Kyoto has small group of around 40 members
  • NK can connect people to groups in the right cluster area.
Q.Any way to contact people nearby Atsugi area?
NK will send a list of members near Atsugi area.
In any case, you can always contact NK volunteers using the contact details mentioned above
Q.What is that NK volunteer group offering?
Please refer to “Mission of Corona Volunteer group” mentioned above
Q.Is there any support available from embassy?
In extremely rare case if Japanese hospital refuse care for some reason we can escalate to embassy and try to get some support.
Topic 3: Lifeline necessities & Food purchase, protection materials

Use online stores or coop deli to purchase daily necessities as much as possible.

Protection material

Mask - Can be obtained from amazon and Rakuten. Need to keep looking for it but within couple of days you should be able to buy one.

  • Washable masks are also one option
  • Drug store has random time for stocking masks and sanitizer to avoid crowding.


  • people making own sanitizer
  • Sanitize using bleach.
Topic 4: Various government supports and know the role of each government including embassy
  • Japan central govt has general guidelines.
  • Each prefecture has its own ways of doing it.
  • Ward office has more specific details on how to handle COVID cases.
  • Indian Govt level: approach the Indian embassy.
  • Kerala:NoRKA is the official agency for any Kerala government level help.
Q.Any help for people planning to return to India from Japan even though NorKA says you need a certificate of having tested negative from COVID-19?
At this point, there is no official requirement from Indian government to get COVID free clearance certificate for people travelling from Japan
Q.How to stay healthy?
  • SAS Club is having an initiative for physical exercise during lockdown
  • Exercise is recommended. But social distancing is required.
Q.What counselling services are available in English?
use TELL a call center in English.

TELL provides effective support and counseling services to Japan's international community and its increasing mental health needs

Advice/Best practices
  • Best to have 1-3 weeks of essential stocks
  • Should report in case self or family member tests positive for COVID to company immediately.
  • Keep a memo as much as possible of routes taken, transportation used
Suggestion from participants
  • Create Interest focused group so that members interact with other interested members
  • Group for kids – Nihonkairali youth club is making some plans for this
No Action Item Status
1 NK to share details of relevant NPO on website. Also links of Himawari and other places where support or consultation in English language is provided. Please refer below
2 NK to publish list of English-speaking private clinics. Please refer below
3 Share the link of Caps clinic Please refer below
4 NK will send list of people who are in same geographic area. Atsugi at high priority for one member. To be shared
5 NK will list steps to register for coop delivery in its website for people to follow To be shared
6 Easy search for old information like sanitizer and other previously shared important information. We will publish all information in our website Click here and also in NK FB page Click here
Useful information for the community
Details of the English-speaking Support Centers and NPO’s
  • Tokyo Coronavirus Support Center for Foreign Residents (TOCOS), the number is open on weekdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and can be reached on 0120-296-004.
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Health & Medical Information Centre – Himawari
    1. Consultation to find Hospitals : 03-5285-8181
    2. Emergency Translation Services TEL: 03-5285-8185
    3. Click here
      1. Select English at the Top and follow the instructions
      2. It is an auto translate tool and still usable to find hospitals in the area which can provide English consultancy
  • TELL
    1. LifeLine - 03-5774-0992 (9AM-11PM every day)
    2. Counselling – 03-4550-1146 ( Mon-Fri 10AM-3PM)
    3. Click here
  • NPO which takes care of Kids in an unfortunate case of both parents infected
    1. Click here
Famous Hospitals/ Clinics in Tokyo with English as a prominent medium
No Hospital/Clinic
1 St Lukes International Hospital - Click here
2 Tokyo Midtown Clinic - Click here
3 Sendagaya International Clinic - Click here
4 NCGM Shinjuku - Click here
5 Tokyo Medical and Surgical Clinic - Click here
6 Seibo Kai - Click here
7 Sanno Medical Center - Click here
8 Numata Medical - Click here
9 Roppongi Hills Clinic - Click here
10 Caps Clinic - Click here
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1 If you feel concerned Click here
2 Online medical support at CAPS clinic Click here
3 How to call ambulance in Japan Click here
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